Timber Frames and Historic Restoration

"New Timber Frames, Modern and Historic Designs"

Timber Framed StructureFitzgerald's Heavy Timber Construction, Inc. is a full-service timber framing specialist producing elegant, cost-effective building solutions by combining traditional craftsmanship and technical innovation.  Our core specialty is the application of traditional heavy timber framing techniques to both new construction and the restoration of historic landmarks. Using modern equipment along side vintage machinery, our dedicated timber framers faithfully reproduce the craftsmanship that makes your investment last for generations to come.  We operate our own century-old Frick sawmill so we can control the quality and availability of the timbers we use.  We furnish complete design, general contracting, and sheet metal roofing services -- a comprehensive approach that enables us to bring efficiency to the design and production of custom timberframe structures, most of our projects are designed and built by our in house craftsmen.

"Historic Restoration and Preservation"

FHTC is also a complete historic restoration services contractor and an EPA-certified Lead-Safe firm. Throughout our two decades of experience we have found that historic building technologies create unexpected issues for designers and project managers not used to adapting them.  We are a consulting, design, and building contractor dedicated to helping clients find lasting solutions to just these sorts of historic preservation and period construction challenges.  Make us responsible for the success of your project, and you may be assured of adherence to your goals, budget and schedule.  From planning to project completion, our seasoned project management team can help you to control costs, will deliver projects on time, and will ensure that our restorations and new structures alike emulate the work of the master builders of the past.  Fitzgerald's Heavy Timber Construction, Inc. works as a subcontractor or general contractor, able to tackle projects from supplying basic components like timberframe roof trusses, entry ways, steeples or pavilions to producing complete turn-key homes or small business facilities.  We are in this business because we love what we do, and find great satisfaction in leaving behind a trail of cherished and durable landmarks.

Although our clients predominantly come from Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia, we have traveled as far as Ireland, Ohio and Vermont for projects. No job is too large, too small or too far.

"Standing Seam Metal Roofs"
Standing Seamed Metal RoofsThroughout much of the 19th and early 20th centuries, standing seamed metal roofing was the product of choice for a cost-effective, fire resistant and long-lasting roof for all types of structures, including barns, churches, covered bridges and public buildings.   A Standing Seam Metal Roof adds beauty and durability and is reminiscent of the classic historic buildings our forefathers built.  Metal roofing is paintable, lightweight, rigid, and remarkably versatile.  It has a lifecycle surpassing one hundred years when properly maintained.  The economics and aesthetics of metal roofing are extremely favorable, and we install these traditional roofs as replacement roofing on existing homes, on high-end custom homes as well as historic churches, garages, barns, businesses and industrial buildings.  We believe it is the most environmently concious roof available today since it lasts much longer than other roofing methods.  

"Quality Construction and Preservation that Spans Generations"

We promise that whether your project is historic preservation or new traditional timber frame construction, a new standing seam metal roof, or any of the specialty services we provide that we have the commited staff, experience and specialized resources to ensure a cost-effective project and long-lasting, beautiful results.  The traditional construction and building restoration values and methods we practice for our clients produce superior structures at a far lower lifecycle cost than most now being built.  The beautiful historic architectural legacy bequeathed to us by our predecessors endures today because of the integrity and foresight which they built into thier projects.  We promise to continue in their footsteps and to never abandon the standards of craftsmanship and performance which have enabled our historic built heritage to endure so well.

Fitzgerald's Heavy Timber Construction, Inc. is proud to participate in a vibrant, ongoing building tradition that mixes old world craftsmanship with modern technologies to create lasting legacy homes and landmarks.  

John Ruskin

"Wherefore, when we build let us think that we build forever. Let it not be for present delight, nor for present use alone; let it be such work as our descendants will thank us for, and let us think as we lay stone on stone that a time is to come when those stones will be held sacred, because our hands have touched them; and men will say, as they look upon the labour and wrought substances of them: 'See, this our fathers did for us.'"

                                                                                                                    -- John Ruskin



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