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Condition Assessment

Thurmont, Maryland

In many instances we are contacted by building owners of timber frame buildings which have suffered extended periods of neglect and are in need of comprehensive repairs.  For these clients we offer a Condition Assessment to help them determine what needs to be done and how they should approach the project.

The Condition Assessment comprises several functions:

1)  We visit the building and make measured drawings of the frame and foundation, make a photographic record of the structure, and take extensive notes about the current conditons and issues we see.

2)  We prepare the Condition Assessment report which is the primary deliverable to the Client.  The Assessment documents for the Client as much information as we're able to glean from our visits about the original form, function, and use of the barn, what modifications have been made, what problems have been addressed through past repairs, and what deficiencies exist now.  The Assessment and the schematic structural drawings are the Client's as a permanent historical record of the building.

3)  We also prepare a fixed-cost proposal to perform the necessary repairs to make the building sound again.  Through discussion with the Client, we tailor our proposal to try and meet their goals and budget.  In some instances this may mean our work will be limited to stabilizing the structure against immediate collapse while the Client makes more long-term plans for repairs.  In other instances, we can divide the project into phases whereby the most immediate needs are addressed first.  And, of course, we can provide the most cost-effective approach, which is to perform all the needed work at once, thus minimizing mobilization costs.

The Condition Assessment is the first step in the majority of our restoration projects.

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Page 1 Sample Assessment

Page 1 Sample Assessment
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Page 2 Sample Assessment